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We Offer a Personal Touch in Web Design!

We are a small business and no matter how large we might grow we will continue to run this company like a small business. One of the complaints that we hear about other companies is that so many different people work on their website and one person told them one thing and another person tells them something completely different. That's why at Digital Kingdom Interprises we strive to work with you one-on-one so that we can build you the site that you want and won't have to deal with 100 different people to do it.

In Web Design We Offer the Industry's Best Turn-Around Time!

We can have a website completed in as little as one week. This is not just something that we are telling you -we literally have finished complete sites in less than a week. Another complaint that we hear about other companies is that they have been waiting MONTHS before the Web Design has even been started. Sometimes we do work for the larger Web Design companies and when we talk with the customers they have told us they signed up for a website months before and by that time they were not happy. We do not overbook our work. We only take on the work that we can handle so that we will be able to give our clients the dedication to their website that they need to get it up and running as quickly as possible.

We Are a Professional Web Design Company!

All of our workers work in-house so that we can maintain high quality and reliability to give the customer the highest satisfaction and the website that you are looking for. We do not sub-contract the work out, that way you know that we are held accountable for the website that we do. This way there are no excuses. This also helps us to keep high work standards and the highest quality of work in the web design industry.

We Use The Latest Technology When We Design Your Website!

We constantly upgrade our technology so that we can offer the very best to you and your web design needs. We undergo vigorous training to keep up with the latest standards and trends in the web design industry. We test within all of the major web browsers so that your website will maintain the high quality look and functionality to all of your consumers. We work within the W3C standards so not only will your web site work properly today but will also work in the future.

Building Cost Effective Web Sites With High Quality Web Design!

We offer you the lowest prices in web design. Other companies charge prices that are way above ours without bringing any higher quality. We maintain high quality at affordable prices. How are we able to do this? We don't do extensive marketing which might cost other companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. We believe that if we do high quality work then our clients will spread the word about us and we believe word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind. We also believe if we remain affordable our clients will want more work done in the future.

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Featured Testimonies and Websites

My web design company fumbled the ball and you were able to pick it up and run with it... They promised they could meet my deadline but 3 months later they hadn't even started my site... I didn't think that you could make my deadline but you amazed me and was able to come through... I am a picky person and know what I want and you were able to do exactly what I wanted and what you said you would do... I have worked with other designers and You are the Best!!!
~ Scotty

I worked in Marketing for several years and you were able to pick the perfect colors. I just love my site!
~ Gloria

Very nice.
~ Dr. Navin

We love the website and approve for you to go ahead and post it live! You have done a fine job and we appreciate your hard working efforts!
Thanks again,
AM Construction

Featured Testimonies and Websites