Best Guide On Fixing Google Business Profile Suspensions

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Google Business Suspensions

Did your Google Business Profile Get Suspended?

Having your Google Business Profile suspended can be stressful. It can also cost you the missed opportunities that your Google Business Profile brought in before you got suspended. This guide will cover the common reasons that Google Business Profiles get suspended, and how to get them unsuspended.

Common Reasons That Cause Google Business Profiles To Get Suspended

  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone) inconsistencies across your website and other directories
  • Multiple listings for the same business
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Listing your address when you don’t accept customers at your address (Mostly service based businesses)
  • Using a forwarded URL instead of your real website
  • Too many recent changes in your business info (categories, name, phone, address) on GBP
  • Not using your real business name
  • Leaving the info on GBP incomplete
  • Too many reviews posted too quickly (do not buy reviews and don’t have all of your friends leave you reviews at the same time)
Suspended Google Profile Account

There are more reasons that your GBP could have gotten suspended, but the list above covers a majority of suspension issues with GBP. Sometimes Google seems to suspend your profile for no reason, but don’t worry. You can get your profile unsuspended.

How to get your Google Business Profile Unsuspended

  1. Determine whether you have a Soft Suspension or Hard Suspension
  2. Fix A Soft Suspension
  3. Fix A Hard Suspension

Step 1. Soft or Hard Suspension?

The first step to get your profile unsuspended is to determine whether Google gave you a Soft Suspension or Hard Suspension. A Soft Suspension is when your profile still shows up on search results, but tells you that you are “Unverified”. A Hard Suspension will tell you that you are “Suspended due to quality issues”.

Step 2. Fixing A Soft Suspension

Fixing a Soft Suspension is easy. When you need reverified all you need to do is click on the verification button and follow the next steps to become verified. I recommend that you attempt to schedule a video or phone call verification if it is available to you. If not, request a postcard (No P.O. Boxes). If you do not receive the post card in the time they say you should receive it contact Google from the link below. (Scroll to the bottom and click contact us. Describe your issue and have them email you)

Step 3. Fixing A Hard Suspension

Fixing a Hard Suspension is more complicated than fixing a Soft Suspension. As stated above, if you are suspended it is likely due to quality issues with your profile. You need to make sure that your profile is COMPLETELY filled out. Do not leave any section unfilled. Make sure that you use your real business name (no keyword stuffing). Do not mark your address as a physical location unless you have a brick and mortar location. Make sure that the information you are listing on your profile matches the information listed on your website. Upload your logo and banner information.

After you make sure you follow ALL of the GBP Guidelines you are ready to proceed.

The next step is submitting the Reinstatement Form to Google. When you are submitting the Reinstatement Form make sure that you include all of the relevant information about your business. When we fill out these forms on behalf of businesses we also try to include proof that the business exists. The two best ways to do this are to submit a photo/copy of your business license, and photos of anything with your logo on it.

After you submit the Reinstatement form you will get an email from Google with your case number on it. Keep that case number. If you do not get reinstated after 3 business days click on this link to contact Google Support. When you contact them make sure you include your case number and tell them that your Reinstatement Form has not been approved yet. You should get an email back from them within 48 hours of contacting Google Support. When they email you, resend them a copy of your business license and photos of anything with your logo on it.

Still Having Trouble?

Did you follow all of the instructions in this guide and still not get reinstated? We can help. We 100% GUARANTEE that we can get your GBP back. Contact us today to ask about our Google Business Profile Reinstatement Services.


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