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Junk Removal Organic Leads Guide

Junk Removal Organic Leads Guide

Are you trying to grow your junk removal business? Are you looking to bring in leads in every organic way possible? This guide has you covered. We will guide you through the most effective avenues for organic leads.

Best Ways To Bring In Organic Leads For Junk Removal

This list has 5 different sources for bringing in organic leads. The best way to grow your business organically isn’t just sticking to 1 source but using multiple sources to bring in more leads.

Best Organic Lead Sources

  • Social Media
  • Google Business Profile
  • Website
  • Cold Outreach
  • Networking
Organic Junk Removal Leads

Organic Leads Through Social Media

In our experience working with different junk removal companies we have found that Facebook and LinkedIn are the 2 best social media websites for junk removal. Facebook and LinkedIn both have different strategies that work well for bringing in more leads.

One of the best ways to bring in leads organically through Facebook is to use community and garage sale groups. If you only post to your Facebook page you are only going to be shown to 1-3% of the people who follow you. If you have 300 people who follow you it is likely that around 9 people will see your post. That is not enough to bring you in leads.

Facebook community and garage sale groups help you bypass the limitations on Facebook’s algorithm. More people will see your posts in those groups than the people who will see your posts from your page. We recommend that you join every local group in your area and post about your business in them at least a few times a week. This will help you stay top of mind when people need junk removal. It will also help you get recommendations, referrals, and leads.

The best way to use LinkedIn is by using it as a networking tool. It is built so that you can search for people by industry, location, or job title. You should use it to search out commercial contracts with realtors, property managers, and other businesses that have junk removal needs. Send them connection requests, post about your business, and cold message them to get acquainted.

Organic Leads With Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is one of our favorite ways of bringing in organic leads (Especially when paired with an awesome website). Setting up a GBP can help you appear in Google Search when people are looking for your services. Getting your GBP to rank can bring in a substantial amount of leads every month. Check out our Junk Removal GBP Setup Guide for tips on optimizing your GBP.

Organic Leads With A Website

Your website should be one of the best ways that you bring in leads organically. If set up properly (Especially if set up by someone like us) it can rank well and bring in leads consistently every month. Everyone should have a website. Your overall goal with your website isn’t just to have a website that looks pretty (Even though it helps), but to have a website that makes you money. Check out our Junk Removal Website Checklist for tips on improving your website.

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Get Organic Leads With Cold Outreach

Cold outreach is anytime that you are reaching out to someone who hasn’t contacted you in the past. These are cold leads that can benefit from your services. Realtors and Property Managers are two common types of businesses that junk removal companies should reach out to, but any business that needs junk removal on a regular basis can be added to your list.

Phone calls, emails, or if you are brave walk-ins are great ways of cold outreach. When you are reaching out to businesses you want to have their needs in mind. They don’t care that you are the greatest junk removal company to ever exist. All they care about is themselves and their customers. Keep this in mind when creating your pitch. Don’t try to sell your services right away. Try to get a meeting or phone call with them to talk with them. When you get a meeting or phone call establish a connection with them and then see if they have a need for your service. (Cold Outreach Guide Coming Soon)

Get Organic Leads By Networking

Networking, Cold Outreach, and reaching out to businesses through LinkedIn are all very similar. The goal is to meet people that can benefit from your services, establish a connection with them, and see if you can meet their needs. Networking events can be a great way to get your name out there and establish a connection with local business owners. Chambers Of Commerce often throw networking events for their members. If you live in a larger area you may also be able to find local networking events by searching online.

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