Junk Removal Website Checklist

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Junk Removal Checklist

What Your Junk Removal Website NEEDS

Do you want your junk removal website to be successful? Do you want your website to rank high and bring you in leads? Then you NEED to follow this checklist so that your website can begin to work for you.

Junk Removal Website Basics

At the minimum your website needs:

  • Home, About Us, Services, Locations, & A Contact Page
  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking Set Up So That You Know How Your Website Is Performing
  • CTAs Above The Fold On Every Page
  • Multiple Ways For People To Contact Your Business
  • Fast Loading Time

Pages Your Website Needs

As shown on the list above you NEED to have Home, About Us, Services, Locations, and Contact pages. Google wants to know what you do, where you do it, and how people can contact you. Google’s main goal is to provide the best user experience for the searcher so that their needs are met. Your website should provide Google and the searcher with all of the information they are looking for.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

You don’t have to guess whether or not your website is bringing you in leads. If you have the proper analytics and conversion tracking installed you will be able to know how much traffic and leads you are bringing in. We recommend that you have a GA4 installed and create custom events in G4 or Tag Manager. (Have questions about implementing conversion tracking? Contact Us.)

Make It Easy For People To Contact You

Your website NEEDS to have CTAs (Call To Actions) above the fold (on the first screen they see without scrolling) on every page. You want to make it easy for people to take your desired action (most likely to contact you). Having CTAs above the fold and layered throughout your website will help you increase your conversion rates.

Make It Convenient For People To Contact You

Everyone likes to contact businesses in different ways. You should make it convenient for people to contact your business via their preferred method. Having more contact methods will help you appeal to a broader range of people. We suggest that at the minimum you allow people to call, text, and email you.

Your Website NEEDS To Load Fast

Have you ever tried to visit a website that took FOREVER to load? How did waiting for the website to load make you feel? Did it make you want to buy the product or service more? Did it make you like the brand? Did you even wait for the website to load?

The odds are that if the website was taking too long to load, you either dropped off before you landed on the page, or didn’t convert. You do not want people to have to wait for your website to load. For every fraction of a second that your website takes to load, your conversion rate will drop.

Have Questions?

Following this checklist will get you on your way to bringing in more leads. If you have questions about the information on this checklist feel free to reach out. We would be happy to give you a free website audit ($150 Value). If you are looking for a professional to build you a website we are the perfect fit. We are pros at building junk removal websites that actually bring you more leads and revenue.

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