Why Is UX/UI Important?

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User Experience

User Experience Matters!

You don’t have a website to just have it sit there and look pretty. You have a website because you want it to help you bring in more leads and close sales. The user experience on your website plays a huge part in helping your conversion rate and helping your website rank higher.

What are the different factors of user experience? User experience deals with, well, anything that the user on your website experiences. The loading speed, design, structure, and navigation (along with other things) will define how great your user experience is.

Does your website take too long to load? Is your website easy to navigate? Do the colors of your website help information stand out? Does the design of your website make it easy for people to flow through the information? Is it easy for a customer to contact you through your site?

When you are building a website or having a website built for you, you need to take all of these questions seriously. They will impact whether or not you are successful with your online marketing efforts.


How Can I Make Sure That My User Experience Is Great?

The best way to make sure that you have a great user experience on your website is to have an expert design it for you. An expert in User Experience will not just have great design skills. They should also be an expert in understanding how people behave on a website. As stated above, UX is more than just a great design.

When Digital Kingdom Interprises builds a website we pair our expertise in design, user behavior, and sales to ensure that your website has the best possible User Experience.

Action Steps

Do you want to make sure that your website has the best possible user experience? If you already have a website we would be happy to do a free website audit ($99 Value). We will go over your website and give you our professional recommendations. If you don’t have a website give us a call for a free consultation.

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Website Audit/Free Consultation


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