How To 3x The Conversion Rate On Your Website ~ Improve Results

How To 3x The Conversion Rate On Your Website

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Why You Should Work On Your Conversion Rate

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Before we focus on increasing your conversion rate we need to talk about the why. If your website gets a lot of traffic or if you are advertising to your website your conversion rate will affect how many leads you bring in. If you bring in 4 leads a day and you increase that by 25% you know bring in 5 leads a day. That extra lead a day turns into 365 more leads a year. What would you do if you brought in an extra 365 leads or more?

When you think about it this way you start to see why focusing on your conversion rate will make a difference in your online marketing. Not only do you bring in more leads, but you can also reduce your cost per lead, allowing you to scale more efficiently.

If you have a bad website or bad landing pages it will affect how well you convert traffic. If you run paid ads it will also affect the performance of those ads. That is why it is absolutely crucial to optimize your website for conversions.

Where To Get Started

If you want to optimize your website for CRO the first thing you need to consider is the user experience on your website. CRO is all about the user. If you make your website or landing pages appeal to your user it will make them more likely to convert.

Your website needs to have a great design. In addition to that it needs to be easy to navigate. You want the people visiting your website to easily be able to find the information they are looking for.

After you take a look at the overall design of the website you have some decisions you will have to make. Do you start from scratch and rebuild your website? Do you tweak the design a little bit? If you need help determining the user friendliness of your design reach out to us for a free web design audit.

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Have Clear CTA’s

What are CTA’s? CTA stands for call to action. You should have call to actions layered throughout your website. This helps direct people to your desired action. If you want people to call you, it should be clear. If you want people to book time on your schedule, it should be clear. If you want people to fill out a lead form, it should be.. you get it. It should be CLEAR.

Having clear CTA’s will improve your conversion rates. Layering your CTA’s throughout your website strategically will also help you increase conversion rates. When you layer them throughout your website it gives the visitor more opportunities to perform your CTA.

ou don’t want visitors to have to renavigate through your website to find your CTA when they are ready. You also don’t want to throw too many CTA’s on your website. If you do it will turn users away. The key to mastering this is split testing your website pages.

Have CTA’s Above The Fold

You NEED to have CTA’s above the fold on your website. What does above the fold mean? Above the fold is the first screen that someone sees when they visit your website. When someone lands on your website or landing page they should know the product or service you offer and how to complete your desired action.

They need to know that they are on the right page. When you make it clear to them it will improve your conversion rates. Having CTA’s above the fold could potentially result in someone converting before scrolling through your website.

Don’t leave people clueless. Make sure they know exactly why they are on the page they landed on. Make your value and the desired action they need to take clear.

Your Copywriting Affects Conversion Rates

Let’s talk about something that a lot of people ignore.. Copywriting! A lot of people throw bland copywriting on their websites or landing pages. What they fail to see is that your copywriting affects every aspect of your website. It affects the user experience, conversion rates, SEO, literally everything.

Your copywriting should not be overlooked. Your copywriting needs to focus on providing value to the user. What information are they looking for? What questions do they have? What do they want to see on your website? How do they expect to get an answer for their questions?

You should put some serious thought into your copywriting. It has the power to increase the conversion rates and sales that come from your website.

Optimize Page Performance

One of the biggest conversion killers is your page speed. For every one second in page response time it will reduce your conversion rates by at least 7%. Fixing your page speed is one of the best things you can do to increase your conversion rates.

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You should optimize your page by:

  • Using webp images
  • Don’t load videos directly on your website
  • Reduce unused javascript
  • Reduce bloat CSS
  • Get a better server
  • Don’t over use images on your website

These action items are some of the simple things you can do to reduce your page loading times. Some of them are easier to implement to others.

If you want to know what is causing your website to load slowly you can use Google’s Page Speed Tool:

Plug your website into their page speed tool. It will tell you what you need to do on your website to help with your loading speed.