Toledo Web Design Case Study: Improve Your Website

Toledo Web Design Case Study

Improve Your Website

Check out this case study to see the actions we implemented to help a local Toledo business rank in the top 10 results for their desired keywords. In less than 3 months we were able to rank in the top 10 with extreme competition. Want help with web design? Call Us.


About The Results

In this case study we are going to go over the actions we implemented to help a local Toledo business rank in the top 10 results for their desired search terms.. Oh.. By the way.. We did it in less than 3 months. That sounds great, but wait to hear the cool part. They have crazy competition. They have 15-20 businesses with websites that they were competing against. That is just in Toledo. That doesn’t include all of the semi regional and national websites that are competing for the same search terms. We aren’t going to show the business due to that competition, but if you call us we will tell you about it and show you the exact results.

How We Got Started

Whenever we get started on a website or SEO project we always start from the ground up. We talk to the business about their goals and what they are looking to accomplish. After that we check out their website to see if it is technically sound. If it has good bones we move into a conversation about SEO to get them to rank for their desired search terms.

The business that this case study is about wanted to rank in the top 10 (Eventually #1) for the different services that they offer. After looking at their website we noticed that it does not provide the end user with a lot of value. We educated them on how a website redesign was going to be needed before we did monthly SEO.

After they agreed to get their website redesigned we came up with a monthly SEO plan. We had a list of things that we would do regularly to get them to rank better. We also had a list of things that the client was going to need to do outside of the work we were doing.

Website Redesign & How It Helped

Most people don’t realize the effect the design of your website has on your search engine rankings or conversion rates. After having a discussion about goals we always look at a client’s website because of this.

When a website looks great, provides value, and is easy to navigate, it will help you bring in better results. The results we are talking about is helping you make more money. That is what everyone cares about.

We rebuilt this client’s website and put a new focus on providing value right away to the end user. This helped make the website easier to navigate. It also showcased this company's unique value much faster.

The result from this initially is that they instantly improved their conversion rates. Not only that, but their website redesign acted as a branding tool. The clients they sent over to their website loved the professional design. They repeatedly got comments from their potential clients that they loved the new design.

Need a website designer in Toledo? We build the best websites in Toledo and the surrounding areas. Not only will we build you something that looks great, but we will build you a site that helps you bring in more sales.

Implementing Monthly SEO

After we redesigned their website we got to work on our monthly SEO plan. For our 3 month plan we knew we needed to increase this company’s local citations, backlinks, reviews, and create new content.

We set up a campaign to create new local citations and backlinks. Local citations and backlinks help ensure that you have a consistent NAP across search engines. It also helps improve your local prominence.

After we launched the local citation and backlink campaign we worked on creating new content that would help this business rank for their desired search terms. We focused on two main areas.

One was technical content that would help educate people more about their services if they wanted to know all of the new stuff.

The other was helpful content. This helpful content was high value information that would help users accomplish something before they even call to get their services.

While we were doing all of this work on a monthly basis we had our client work to get reviews on different platforms.

The Results

This company wanted to rank in the top 10 for all of the services that they offer. Within three months we got them to rank #1 in one of the services they offer. We got them to rank in the top 5 for another 2 services. For the rest of their services we got them to rank in the top 10.

We are still working with them to help them rank in the top 3 results for all of their services. Within a year we will have them ranking in the top 3 results for all of their services.

Within the first 3 months we have already been ROI positive. In the next 9 months we work with them they will get around a 10x return on their investment.

What To Expect From SEO

SEO is not always a fast process. It typically takes around 3 months to see a return on your investment. It can take 6-12 months for you to get your desired result depending on your competition.

SEO isn’t fast, but it IS profitable. You can get great results from your small investment in SEO.

If you run a service based business you NEED to invest in SEO. It can be the thing that sustains your business.

We specialize in running SEO for service based businesses and ecommerce. We can help you make your website into a money making machine. If you need web design services or SEO services call us.

Want To Learn More

If you want more information on this case study contact us. We will show you the results that we were able to get. We would be happy to help you get similar results. Contact us to learn more.